Care Navigation

Practices in Sheffield, and indeed across the country, are starting to introduce an initiative to help people find the most appropriate source of help when they book an appointment.

Norwood Medical Centre is taking part and introducing this initiative. This means when you ask to book an appointment our trained reception team may ask questions about why appointments are required.

You are not obliged to answer the questions they ask, however by doing so we can make sure that you see the most appropriate person or direct you to the most appropriate service.

Most people who contact the surgery asks to see a GP, but often help will be available more quickly and often more appropriately from other highly skilled medical professionals, such as nurses and pharmacists, or from other sectors such as IAPT or SOAR.

Our trained reception staff will be able to offer you the most appropriate help using the range of information they have access to.

Our receptionists are here to help you get to the right service.  Please don't be offended if they ask what the problem is when you call to make an appointment. The receptionist might suggest other professionals that could help you better such as: Nurse Practitioner, Practice Nurse, Pharmacist, Optician, Health Visiting Team, IAPT, SOAR.