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We are a training practice for Trainee GPs. A GP Trainee is a fully qualified doctor working with us whilst studying for a postgraduate qualification to become a GP. It takes 5 years to become a GP. Sometimes we will ask your permission to video a consultation. If you do not wish to be recorded please let us know. We do not mind you refusing, and will fully understand.

We are also a training practice for Foundation Year 2 doctors. A Foundation Year 2 doctor is a fully qualified doctor.

We are a teaching practice for the University of Sheffield Medical School. Medical students will sometimes be on placement in the Practice, and you may be asked if medical students can sit in with or conduct your consultation. If you agree to have medical students conduct your consultation you will still always see the GP as well.

We occasionally have other student doctors and nurses who spend time in the practice in the course of their studies.

We will let you know if there will be a trainee or student in your consultation; please let reception if you would prefer them not to be present. This will not affect your treatment in any way.